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Discover and travel in Japan

Japan, a mythical country so intriguing that you don’t necessarily know where to start. What is there to see and do? How do you get there? What are the most popular hotels for tourists? Find a ryokan among the best,…

Let us guide you through our pages and simplify your life with our different tools and services, but don’t forget, the perfect trip is up to you to write it down! Don’t hesitate to get off the beaten track and explore new horizons; draw your own itinerary to taste a delicious Japan.

Japanese culture and society


The Japanese thermal spring bath

An onsen is a hot thermal spring in which it is possible to take a bath, and is an important part of Japanese culture, being the subject of many tourist destinations. It is a real place of relaxation and relaxation much appreciated by Japanese people…


The traditional Japanese hostel

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese hostel whose origins date back to the Edo period (1603 – 1868) serving as a stopover for travelers. Although there are various variations depending on the establishment, old or modern style, basic or luxurious…


Traditional arts and the height of refinement

With a refinement and delicacy all her own, the geisha (whose term literally means “person of the arts”) has the role of accompanying and enlivening dinners or receptions, through her mastery of traditional Japanese arts such as music, singing, dancing, …

Why do Japanese people wear masks?

Hygiene of life and respect for others

Many Japanese people regularly use white sanitary masks that hide half of their face, but contrary to popular belief, wearing a mask in Japan has absolutely nothing to do with pollution, as the country enjoys good air quality (unlike its Asian neighbours), even in the big cities…